Al Viado Scholarship

The Portland Oregon Section of IES is proud to announce the “Al Viado Scholarship for IES Education”

The 2016 Fundamentals of Lighting and the Basics of Lighting courses will be considering candidates interested in continuing their lighting education by offering full course scholarships to those interested in applying. This scholarship will be available for those taking either the 1 evening Basics class alone, the complete series including Basics or the Fundamentals of Lighting Class without the Basics section.

Scholarships will require a written essay stating your personal interest in expanding your lighting education and how it will impact or augment your career path in the future.

  • Limit essay to 500 words or one typewritten page.
  • Submit in PDF or MS Word format
  • Topics must be related to your lighting experience, career or similar topics
  • 2 or 3 photos related to your essay will be accepted (optional)

Send via email to:

Candidates that may have limited financial resources will be considered for this scholarship as well. Make a note for this consideration separately from your essay in one or two sentences.

All interested candidates must apply by January 20th and complete the registration (payment) for the course either on the web site. A 50% payment must be made at the time of registration completion. If paying by credit card on the web site, successful candidates will receive an offer code to apply the 50% discount. Scholarship winner(s) will receive a reimbursement check for their 50% payment upon completing the course. Please note in your registration if you plan on applying for this scholarship