Outdoor Lighting with Don McLean

  • September 19, 2022
    10:00 am - 11:00 am

Our learning session will focus on:

  • Outdoor lighting specifically related to improving safety for roadways, bike lanes, intersections, and crosswalks as well as reducing environmental impacts.
  • New and ongoing research along with lessons learned converting over 700,000 luminaires to LED
  • Discussion of updates to IES RP-8-21 and FHWA Lighting Handbook.

Don McLeanSPEAKER: Don McLean, DMD and Associates Ltd.
Don McLean is an electrical engineer and lighting designer with 40+ years of experience. He is the president of DMD and Associates, an electrical engineering firm specializing in various outdoor lighting applications, and has been involved with thousands of outdoor lighting-related projects including larger transportation projects in the $2B+ range. Don has over 30 years of experience with ITS and lighting controls. Don has authored and co-authored numerous roadway lighting studies and publications.


900 SW 5th Ave, Auditorium, Portland, Oregon, 97204, United States